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Are you looking for a new and better way to measure adhesion properties of adhesives, sealants, laminates, coatings, paints, and more?

Introducing the revolutionary adhesion analyzer LUMiFrac from the same people who brought you the one-of-a-kind STEP Technology®

With the adhesion analyzer LUMiFrac you can accurately, easily, and quickly measure the adhesion and cohesion properties of adhesives, sealants, laminates, composites, coatings, paints, and more. Up to 8 sample simultaneously under varying conditions, all in one instrument.

LUMiFrac: redefining accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency for adhesion testing world.


Measure adhesion and cohesion properties of your product accurately with the unique LUMiFrac technology. By combining centrifugal technology with in-situ detectors, you can determine the exact time & force of product failure. Do so with up to 8 samples simultaneously under various load, stress, and environmental conditions. So you can take your adhesion and cohesion performance testing to a higher level.

Accuracy Redefined

The specially designed sample holders allow you to measure either adhesion/cohesion pull-off forces or shear forces accurately. Unlike other methods, the LUMiFrac allows you to be certain that only true tensile forces or true shear forces are measured. Combined with an in-situ real time detector you get industry leading accuracy and repeatability.

Powerful. Period.

The LUMiFrac has an exceptional broad applied load range. You can also program the rate at which the pull-off force is applied. Furthermore, you can also stress test your samples by varying the load sinusoidally and continuously for days. Couple all of this with the fact that you can do all of this under varying environmental conditions makes the LUMiFrac unlike any other adhesion tester out there.


You know the old saying "sample preparation is half the battle." With the user friendly designed specimen testing modules, you will find that preparing your sample is as easy as 1,2,3. Perform measurements easily and quickly and at the same time ensuring your measurements are both accurate and repeatable.


By varying the pull off forces sinusoidally over long periods of time, at various temperatures, you can also simulate the repeated stresses your adhesive experiences in real life.

Understand more than just the simple pull-off force. Understand your adhesion and cohesion performance as close as possible to real life performance stresses.


adhesion strength


Anyone who has worked with adhesion analysis tools knows that the words "adhesion testing" and "efficiency" do not go well together.


So why not give your adhesion and cohesion testing procedures an efficieny boost?

With the CATT ™ technology you can run 8 samples at a time with exceptional precision and repeatability. This will allow you to build statistical and probability profiles rapidly for quality control or research and development purposes. Alternatively you can quickly optimize certain formulation parameters by making small changes to your adhesive or sealant.

An adhesion testing method design for ease of use, efficiency, and accuracy. Unlike anything else out there. Really.


Your next step in adhesion and cohesion analysis.

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